Customer Service, Marketing & Sales

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Customer First Series (11 modules)

Your customers will make you or break you, and developing relationships is the bottom line. In this series, you will examine issues such as rapport and trust, and identify what clients want in terms of communication. You will learn some techniques for establishing trust and eliminating negative messages from your communication, both of which will have a significant impact on your client relations.

Customer Service Certificate

This certificate program improves customer service by looking at maintaining customers, first impressions, overcoming barriers, diffusing tensions and improving telephone skills.

Customer Service Excellence

Inspire your employees with the Quality Service philosophy and give them the skills they need to provide excellence in customer service.

Marketing (4 module program)

This four hour program was created for individuals who want to know more about marketing.

Mercadotecnia en los medios sociales

En este curso hablaremos sobre los medios sociales y el papel que desempeña la mercadotecnia en los medios sociales. Identificaremos las plataformas de medios sociales más utilizadas, explicaremos la importancia de cada una en un contexto de mercadotecnia y discutiremos los diversos aspectos del desarrollo de un plan de mercadotecnia en los medios sociales.

New Business Development: Cold Calling

New business development is critical for the ongoing success of any business. Contacting prospective new customers ('prospects') on the phone is one of the most powerful ways to maintain this new business stream.

Sales Is Just Great Service! (for Financial Services)

This six-part program is designed to show the employees of financial institutions how they can promote the success of their institution by expanding its existing relationships with customers.

Sales Skills - Basic

Learn and develop professional selling skills to help grow your prospect base and improve your sales success ratio.

Sales: The Basics

This course will provide you with practical tips on identifying the features and benefits of your product and service, a competitive analysis, preparing sales presentation, dealing with customers, handling objections, and using customer feedback to improve your performance.

Sales: Closing

This course examines the issues related to preparing and setting the stage for a commitment to buy, looks at some of the reasons why this is such a tough step for many aspiring sales professionals, and gives techniques and methods for making sure it happens.

Sales: Cold Calls

This course describes both the technical and the psychological techniques and methods to help you overcome an apprehension and conduct a sales call that gets results.

Sales: Qualifying Prospects

This course introduces techniques and methods for making sure that you are following sound principles as you qualify prospects and determine where to invest your time for the best potential payoff.

Sales: Team Effectiveness

In this course, a sales force leader will learn how to get a sales team organized, motivated, and focused on results.

Sales: Telephone Skills

This course identifies the specific selling techniques and strategies that sales people need to be effective over the phone.

Selling Your Idea

The course includes tools and techniques to help you determine what the audience wants and needs, methods to gauge their needs, and a structure for organizing and formatting a good presentation.