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Business Diagnostics Online: Comprehensive - Updated 2017

Business Diagnostics Online teaches business owners and their advisors how to complete an objective assessment of company operations. This approach establishes a clear picture of where they are, where they need to go, and how to get there, thereby increasing the likelihood of successfully securing financing for expansion.

Business Diagnostics Online: Reference Series

This course provides a detailed background to the completion of SIZE-UP GRIDS, the EBOOK and the ENTERPRISE REVIEW SUMMARY.

Business Diagnostics Online: FastTrack - Updated 2017

FastTrack takes the learner through key aspects of the Business Diagnostics approach. Included with this new single-module course are the SIZE-UP GRIDS, EBOOK and the ENTERPRISE REVIEW SUMMARY.

Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career

This online course will introduce Business Etiquette principles and practices, and show you how they can be applied in typical business situations to put yourself and others at ease.

Business Writing: Being Effective

This course presents a time-tested approach for organizing, writing and revising a professional business message.

Business Writing: Reports and Proposals

Discover how the 3x3 writing plan can help you write top quality proposals and reports.

Cloud Computing: An Introduction

The module 'Cloud Computing: An Introduction' introduces learners to the exciting world of cloud computing.

Communicating as a Team

This course helps you develop more powerful, effective team communication skills, and offers valuable techniques.

Communicating Cross Culturally

This course helps you understand the communication styles of co-workers and offers information vital to successful cross-cultural workplace communication.

Communicating Non Verbally

This course provides an introduction to the meaning of signals projected through body language. You will learn how these signals provide clues to attitudes and feelings that can be verified with effective verbal communication.

Communicating Persuasively

This course presents techniques in the art of persuading others.

Communication Basics

This course covers the basics of effective communication which gives you greater confidence in your ability to make sure that your messages are understood.

Community Development Certificate

This course helps learners shape communities and design innovative projects. Topics include: connected communities, community development business plans, and assessing your community's entrepreneurial readiness.

Cross Cultural Training

The number of people who travel abroad for work, study and pleasure is on the increase. It is essential that international travellers have a basic understanding of cultural differences and how those differences affect communications, work and social relationships.

Delivering Effective Feedback

In this course, learn how to provide feedback that serves as a tool to enhance performance and morale.