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Basics of Project Management

This Basics of Project Management online training course is designed for employees involved in the project management process. Get a better understanding of a project manager’s overall role and responsibilities which include the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure of a project.

Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career

This online course will introduce Business Etiquette principles and practices, and show you how they can be applied in typical business situations to put yourself and others at ease.

Business Writing: Being Effective

This Business Writing – Being Effective online training course is designed for business owners, managers, and employees. This course teaches you how to organize, write and edit messages.

Business Writing: Reports and Proposals

This Business Writing – Reports and Proposals online training course is designed for business owners, managers, and employees. This course presents techniques for writing two crucial business documents – proposals and reports.

Cloud Computing: An Introduction

The module 'Cloud Computing: An Introduction' introduces learners to the exciting world of cloud computing.

Communicating as a Team

This Communicating as a Team online training course is designed for all employees working within a team. Organizations today are leaner and flatter, and they increasingly rely on employee teams to handle projects. Therefore, communication within teams is crucial to an organization's success. This course helps you develop more powerful, effective team communication skills, and acquaints you with techniques.

Communicating Cross Culturally

This Communicating Cross Culturally online training course is designed for employees in the workplace. The workplace has changed dramatically in the past few decades. These changes have brought people from diverse cultures together and created workplace communication difficulties. This course provides a broad overview of problems and solutions for cross-cultural workplace communication.

Communicating Non Verbally

This Communicating Non Verbally online training course is designed for all employees. This course provides an introduction to the meaning of signals projected through body language. By learning the techniques presented in this course, and developing your communication skills, you can become a more effective communicator.

Communicating Persuasively

This Communicating Persuasively online training course is designed for all levels of employees – including sales and marketing staff. This course presents techniques in the art of persuading others. It shows you how to use the 3-x-3 writing plan to organize and compose persuasive internal messages, sales messages, news releases, claims and adjustments, and action requests.

Communication Basics

This Communication Basics online training course is designed for employees, employers, and business communicators. This course will introduce you to the basics of effective communication so you can be on your way to having greater confidence in your ability to make sure that your messages are understood.

Cross Cultural Training

This Cross-Cultural Training online training course is designed for all employees in an organization. Adjusting to different cultures is almost a given condition to employment. Whether you’re traveling or working in a foreign land, or whether you have someone from a different country working within your organization, identifying cultural differences accurately and adapting to them is the key to communicating effectively in the workplace.

Dar una retroalimentación efectiva

La retroalimentación es un proceso por el cual el desempeño efectivo es reforzado y se corrige el desempeño no deseable. Este curso proporcionará a usted estrategias para dar retroalimentación efectiva que sirva como una herramienta para aumentar el rendimiento y la moral.

Delivering Effective Feedback

Feedback is a process by which effective performance is reinforced and less than desirable performance is corrected. This course will provide you with strategies to give effective feedback that serves as a tool to enhance performance and morale.

Desarrollo de un equipo de liderazgo fuerte

En este curso, se proporcionan los elementos clave para crear un equipo de liderazgo que dé el ejemplo para el resto de la organización.

Developing A Strong Leadership Team

This course delivers the key elements of how to create a leadership team that is a model for the rest of the organization.