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    Business training courses can help you with a number of challenges you might encounter in the workplace. Everyone of your team members plays a vital role in your organization so learning how to motivate them and work together as a team are vital skills. Business writing, market research, and proper communication are other courses we offer here at Vubiz. Explore these business training courses and more here.

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    Acting Effectively on a Team

    This Acting Effectively on a Team online training course was designed for all employees and supervisors. This course will help you contribute more effectively to your team and help your teammates do the same. It will expand your understanding of the challenges teams face and what you can do to overcome them.

    Coping with Change

    This Coping with Change online training course is designed for all employees and explores the cause and effects of organizational change and how to manage challenges in the process. This course will give you an understanding of the process of change and the typical responses to it, you will be able to use proven techniques and strategies to decrease the stress of change.

    La gestion du temps

    Ce cours de formation en ligne Gestion du temps a été conçu pour toute personne souhaitant gérer son temps plus efficacement. Ce cours aborde les rudiments de la gestion du temps et présente des outils pour établir des objectifs, tenir des registres et planifier votre temps. Il comprend des méthodes pour identifier les activités moins rentables et les pertes de temps, ainsi que des suggestions pour s'en débarrasser.

    Leading Your Resources

    This Leading Your Resources online training course is designed for all leaders in an organization or anyone seeking a leadership role. Leading people involves more than a vision and the ability to communicate is also a strategic activity. This course looks at the strategic aspects of leading people and will explore the skills you need to lead and motivate your human resources and skills for talent mining and team building.

    Managing a Remote Workforce

    This Managing a Remote Workforce online training course explores the challenges of managing a remote workforce and outlines strategies that managers can use to keep their teams engaged and productive. In times of crisis, employees are sometimes required to work from home. The transition from the traditional workplace to a remote environment is not easy.

    Managing Change

    This Managing Change online training course is designed for supervisors, managers, and all employees tasked with managing change. This course outlines the skills required to manage organizational change and prepare for it. Once these management processes are set, you can continue to reinforce the change so that it becomes commonplace and part of the organization’s culture.

    Practice Active Listening

    This Practice Active Listening online training course is designed for employees and employers. This course will help you improve your listening skills by explaining the difference between hearing and active listening, and outlining the steps involved in becoming an active listener. This course will teach you more about your customers and coworkers and be better able to meet their needs.

    Pratiquer l'écoute active

    Combien de fois êtes-vous sorti d'une réunion sans avoir un souvenir clair de ce dont vous avez discuté? Vous avez peut-être entendu ce qui s'est dit, mais vous n'écoutiez pas vraiment. Et voilà où est le problème.

    Time Management

    This Time Management online training course is designed for anyone wishing to manage their time more efficiently. This course addresses the nuts and bolts of time management and includes tools for setting goals, keeping logs, and planning your time. It includes methods for identifying low pay-off activities and timewasters, along with suggestions for getting rid of them.

    Trabajar desde casa de manera efectiva

    La COVID-19 está cambiando la forma en que vivimos y trabajamos. De repente, muchos de nosotros estamos trabajando desde casa e intentando hacerlo de manera efectiva en medio del caos de las cuarentenas, el autoaislamiento, los cierres de las escuelas y las noticias constantes.

    Working from Home Effectively

    This Working from Home Effectively online training course is designed for all remote workers and addresses the challenges and advantages of working remotely and offers tools to make it most effective. Many of us are working from home and trying to do it effectively, and this course offers tools to enhance productivity.

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