Human Resources Training

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Acting Effectively on a Team

Working as a team is an important part of most organizations. Becoming a high performance teams involves understanding your own skills and limitations as well as though on your team.

Amélioration de la productivité chez l'individu

La productivité est la clé du succès professionnel. Malgré les conditions économiques difficiles et un environnement concurrentiel changeant, les entreprises s’attendent à ce que leurs employés accomplissent les tâches nécessaires et assurent la viabilité de l’entreprise.

Básicos de RH (HR Basics) [US]

Los recursos humanos son los activos más importantes en un negocio pequeño, y dirigir los RH es una habilidad vital para cada dueño de un negocio pequeño. La dirección de RH incluye reclutar, contratar, entrenar, dirigir y compensar a los empleados. Los dueños de negocios deben conocer y obedecer las regulaciones federales y estatales que afectan a los empleadores y a los empleados. Ellos deben mantener también registros precisos.

Business Finance Basics

This course presents information about the fundamentals of corporate finance. It shows how various work activities can and do affect the financial health of an organization.

California and Federal Leaves of Absence

Managing leaves is complex and time-consuming. Learn what you need to know about California and federal leaves of absence.

Cómo llevar a cabo reuniones efectivas

La mayoría de los gerentes pasan entre el 25 y el 80 % de su tiempo en reuniones; muchas de las cuales lideran. Además, según algunas estimaciones, aproximadamente el 50 % de este tiempo es improductivo. En este curso, revisaremos las estrategias que lo ayudarán a planificar y llevar a cabo reuniones efectivas y a tener resultados visibles.

Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

In this course, we will show you how creativity and innovation can be made to work. As you move through the various sections, you will begin to see how an overall framework, processes, methods and techniques can make creativity and innovation a valuable asset, not only in the workplace but for the organization.

Diversity in the Workplace [US]

This course is designed to raise employee awareness about demographic changes and the benefits of diverse teams in the workplace. The course teaches employees about the science of unconscious bias, how to recognize and resolve it and move toward an inclusive work culture.

Doing Performance Reviews

Providing performance feedback is an important part of a manager's job. Good performance feedback is critical in helping an organization achieve its objectives.

Effective Leadership

An effective leader knows how to mentor employees as they take on new projects and strive to grow professionally. In this module you'll have an opportunity to explore these essential leadership skills.

Email Etiquette

The World Wide Web and email technology have changed the way we communicate. Email offers a clear business advantage, speeding up transactions and long distance discussions. In the past few years, email has become the communication medium of choice in the office, replacing the phone and one-on-one contact.Email etiquette or protocol is the unwritten rules of email messaging. These rules help to improve communication, resulting in more effective emails. This module will provide you with the most up-to-date information on email etiquette and give you the skills to communicate effectively using email.

Employee Disciplining

The Strategies and Tips in this course will help a manager to improve overall performance by knowing when and how to take corrective action with problem employees. This course offers tools and techniques for developing workable solutions with the individual involved.

Employee Performance Recognition

Learn the skills of recognizing employee performance and giving positive reinforcement as they are key elements of motivation.

Employment Laws and Human Resources [California-oriented]

What you should know about employment law

Empowering Your People

In this course, you will examine the process of motivating and working with people that you lead.