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Telepro Online - Complete Program

The TelePro® Online Program is essential for anyone who interacts with internal or external customers over the telephone.

Telepro Online Program - Group One: 'Connecting' with the Customer

This program is suitable for all reps as a base program and as the sole program for reps who have minimal need for the more interactive skills of the other modules.

Telepro Online Program - Group Two: Managing the Call

Group 2 modules focus on those skills necessary for managing the call and are more suitable for those who must use the skills of listening, questioning and controlling the interaction to bring the call to a timely and appropriate response.

Telepro Online Program Elective Module 1 - Creating a Climate for Rapport

Gain the benefits of developing and maintaining a positive attitude within the call center working environment.

Telepro Online Program Elective Module 2 - Communicating Through Accents

Learn how to listen through accents and speech that are difficult to understand.

Telepro Online Program Elective Module 3 - Holding and Transferring

Learn how to put customers on hold and make transfers professionally and courteously.

Telepro Online Program Elective Module 4 - Positive Call Management

Handle those difficult calls when saying 'no' is required.

Time Management - Strategies for Sales Success

Do you feel there’s never enough time to do the things you want to – and have to – do? If so, you’re not alone, but this time crunch is avoidable. Effective time management can help you lower stress, reduce waste, improve balance, enhance productivity, and make time for all the things you should be doing at work and in your personal life. This self-evaluation course will guide you through a series of exercises designed to help you define a plan to manage your time and energy more effectively.

The exercises in the course are in PDF format. Save the PDFs in a folder on your desktop and print them out in order to complete each exercise by hand.

Vendre votre idée

Ce cours comprend des outils et des techniques pour vous aider à déterminer ce que l’auditoire souhaite et a besoin, des méthodes pour évaluer leurs besoins, ainsi qu'une structure pour organiser et présenter un bon discours.