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Immigration Compliance and Enforcement in 2010 and Beyond

This module was created from a live webinar broadcast on April 28, 2010 and addresses Immigration Compliance and Enforcement in 2010 and the future.

Immigration Law Primer

This Course will help employees recognize and respond to immigration issues that arise in the workplace.

Information Security

Organizations are increasingly concerned about the security of electronic information. This course identifies the safeguards needed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of the information that employees work with.

IT Security Primer [US]

This module describes the fundamentals of Information Technology Security and what your organization has to do to stay protected in this day and age.

Managing within the Law

This program will explain the most important management concepts and outline the procedures that you need to follow to comply with the law.

Managing Workplace Stress

Topics covered in this module include: facts about stress, job stress, typical sources of workplace stress, dealing with burnout and prevention strategies, managing unavoidable stress, avoiding unnecessary stress, how to create a healthier workplace, and more!

Preventing Workplace Violence

The Preventing Workplace Violence module provides information on why workplace violence occurs and how it can be prevented.

Privacy Primer [US]

This course assumes that a company has developed a comprehensive, safe-harbor compliant privacy policy and wants to ensure that its employees understand and abide by that policy.

Protecting Trade Secrets

This Course explains a model trade-secrets policy that addresses the most common situations in which trade secrets are either lost or misappropriated.

Protecting Your Identity

In this module we discuss the steps you can take to protect yourself against identity theft.

Quality Communications

Topics in this course include: the importance of knowing your audience and understanding the law, recognizing your limits in communication, the importance of saying what you mean and using facts in communications, managing closure with clients, the importance of record retention, and more.

Questionable Interview Questions

This course covers topics such as: the importance of being aware of laws, focusing on applicant qualifications during interviews, recognizing and avoiding irrelevant questions, avoiding eliciting information, tips from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and more.

Recognizing Money Laundering

The purpose of this Course is to familiarize you with the process of money laundering and the laws that make it a crime.

Record Management

The Record Management module provides information on how to maintain accurate and important workplace records.

Reductions in Force

The Reductions in Force module provides information on how to deal with reductions in the workforce.