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    Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees

    This online Coronavirus preparedness training course is continually updated as it an important health and safety topic. This course will tell you about the necessary steps you can take to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the virus and disease. The information in this online Coronavirus training course is continually updated to ensure the most relevant and timely content for learners.

    De-Escalating Confrontations Over Masks

    This De-Escalating Confrontations Over Masks online training course will address why companies have mask policies in place, situations where customers should be allowed into your business without wearing masks, steps your company can take to address customers' objections, and methods for de-escalating a confrontation with an angry mask-refusing customer and bring about a positive outcome.

    Employee Rights Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

    This Employee Rights Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act online training course outlines the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which requires certain employers to provide their employees with paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. employee’s own health needs or to care for family members.

    Managing a Remote Workforce

    This Managing a Remote Workforce online training course explores the challenges of managing a remote workforce and outlines strategies that managers can use to keep their teams engaged and productive. In times of crisis, employees are sometimes required to work from home. The transition from the traditional workplace to a remote environment is not easy.

    Preparación para el Coronavirus para Empleadores y Empleados

    Los coronavirus son una gran familia de virus que pueden causar enfermedades en animales o humanos. En los seres humanos, se sabe que varios coronavirus causan infecciones respiratorias que van desde el resfriado común hasta enfermedades más graves. El coronavirus descubierto más recientemente causa la enfermedad del coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

    Préparation au Coronavirus à l'intention des employeurs et des employés

    Les coronavirus forment une vaste famille de virus qui peuvent être pathogènes chez l’homme et chez l’animal. On sait que, chez l’être humain, plusieurs coronavirus peuvent entraîner des infections respiratoires dont les manifestations vont du simple rhume à des maladies plus graves. Le dernier coronavirus qui a été découvert est responsable de la maladie à coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Ce cours vous expliquera les étapes simples que vous pouvez suivre pour rester en bonne santé et prévenir la propagation du coronavirus.

    Trabajar desde casa de manera efectiva

    La COVID-19 está cambiando la forma en que vivimos y trabajamos. De repente, muchos de nosotros estamos trabajando desde casa e intentando hacerlo de manera efectiva en medio del caos de las cuarentenas, el autoaislamiento, los cierres de las escuelas y las noticias constantes.

    Working from Home Effectively

    This Working from Home Effectively online training course is designed for all remote workers and addresses the challenges and advantages of working remotely and offers tools to make it most effective. Many of us are working from home and trying to do it effectively, and this course offers tools to enhance productivity.